Jewish Heritage Report
Vol. I, Nos. 3-4 / Winter 1997-98
Recent Exhibitions

Recent Exhibitions

Hidden Splendor: Synagogues in Ruin. The Frieda and Roy Furman Gallery, Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center. On view through January 30, 1998. Photographs of synagogue ruins in Central and Eastern Europe, taken by Zvi Rosenfeld. Exhibition sponsored by the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Luboml, A Small Jewish World... Valley of the Communities at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel. On view through March 1998. An exhibition of over 100 photographs and 40 documents recreating Jewish life in the Polish (now Ukrainian) town of Luboml before the Holocaust. A similar exhibition was on view at Cardozo School of Law Gallery in Manhattan in the fall of 1997.

Synagogues of Salonika. Goethe Institute, Salonika (Thessaloniki), 15 Nikis Avenue, Thessaloniki 54623, Greece. December 1, 1997- January 31, 1998. Exhibition organized by the Goethe Institute and the Jewish Community of Salonika; designed and based on the research and the book of Elias V. Messinas The Synagogues of Salonika and Veroia (Gavrielides Editions, Athens 1997). The exhibition included general information, photographs and architectural drawings of the synagogues of Salonika.

Past Perfect: Jewish Experience in Early 20th Century Postcards. Jewish Theological Seminary Library, New York, NY. From October 7 to December 30, 1997. Two-hundred turn-of-the-century postcards from the permanent collection of the library of the Jewish Theological Seminary were on display with an entire floor devoted to Jewish New Year's cards, running the gamut from whimsical to mystical. There were cards celebrating America's growing love affair with transportation, with women in airplanes, couples in canoes and children on choo-choos all wishing you "Shanah Tovah." There were cards with Zionist messages and cards depicting families at traditional festival meals. Another floor was devoted to postcards of American and European synagogues, some of which are no longer standing.

Urban Diaspora: Reclaiming Space. Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford, CT. Opened October 30, 1997. An exhibition documenting how thirteen synagogues and community centers across the United States are being preserved, restored and revitalized. For more information contact Charter Oak Cultural Center, 21 Charter Oak Ave., Hartford, Ct.,06106, USA; tel. (860) 249-1207.

Burned, Censored & Suppressed: A fiftieth anniversary exhibition commemorating those whose lives were affected by the Hollywood blacklist. Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery, District of Columbia JCC, Washington, DC. Opened October 30, 1997. For further information on exhibit and related programming contact DCJCC, 1529 16th St., NW, Wash., DC; tel. (202) 518-9400.

The Historic Synagogues of Turkey. Milton J. Weill Gallery, 92nd Street Y, New York, NY. November 14 to January 5, 1998. Results of a recent survey by architect Joel Zack with photographs by Devon Jarvis and drawings by Ceren Kahraman. For more information contact Catherine Marino, 92nd St. Y, 1395 Lexington Ave., NY, NY; tel. (212) 415-5470.

Jewish Pictorial Carpets from the Anton Felton Collection. London, Judah L. Magnes Museum, Berkeley, CA, November 16, 1997 to January 25, 1998. An exhibition of the world-renowned collection of Jewish pictorial carpets from Persia and the Jewish workshops of pre-state Israel. These 19th and 20th century decorative and inspirational weavings are distinguished by their richness of color, their unusual design, and their imagery inspired by Near Eastern sensibility and Jewish biblical and historic experience. For further information contact the Judah L. Magnes Museum, 2911 Russell Street, Berkeley, CA; tel. (510) 549-6950.

From Generation to Generation: A Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Jewish Labor Bund. Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU, 7 East 10th St., New York, NY. January 20 - March 1, 1998. A documentary history of the Bund in photographs, documents, video and posters, curated by the YIVO archives. For information call (212) 998-4114.

Agudas Achim: Spiritual Home to Five Generations. Central Synagogue, 652 Lexington Ave., New York, NY. Through March 31, 1998. Thirty photographs by Benjamin Halpern chronicle the story of the shul and surrounding community of Livingston Manor, NY.

Sacred Spaces: The Synagogue as Inspiration. Laurie W. and Irwin J. Borowsky Gallery at the Gershman Y, 401 South Broad St., Philadelphia, PA. March 7 - April 15, 1998. Featuring monotypes of Central European Jewish sites by ISJM member Shirley Moskowitz and photographs of New Jersey synagogues by ISJM member Mark Olsen, and works by Karen Breese, Fran Gallun, Dale Lieberman, Jeremy Nadel, Frank Root, Libbue Soffer and Elsa Wachs For further information call (215) 545-4400.

The Jews of Ethiopia: The Last Glimpse of a 3,000 Year Old Community. Photographs by Joan Roth. Eldridge Street Synagogue, 12 Eldridge Street, New York, NY. March 22 - June 30, 1998. Call (212) 219-0888 for exhibition hours.

Souvenirs from Israel, 1948-1998. Judah L. Magnes Museum, Berkeley, CA. Opening July 1998. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the State of Israel the Magnes Museum will debut an original exhibition to examine the relationship of Americans to Israel through objects acquired by American tourists over the past fifty years. The exhibition will include a wide range of souvenirs, from postcards and key chains to ritual objects and artwork. For further information, please contact Michal Friedlander, Curator of Judaica, or Naomi Leite, Curatorial Assistant, at (510) 549-6950.

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