Jewish Heritage Report
Vol. I, Nos. 3-4 / Winter 1997-98
Publication Notes

Publication Notes

Synagogue Book Wins SAH Award

Sacred Realm: The Emergence of the Synagogue in the Ancient World received the eighth annual Architectural Exhibition Catalogue Award from the Society of Architectural Historians. The award recognizes the excellence of an exhibition catalogue. The catalogue, edited by exhibition curator Steven Fine contains chapters written by Fine and Louis Feldman, Rachel Hachlili, Eric Meyers, Leonard Rutgers, Lawrence Shiffman and Avigdor Shinan. It was published by the Yeshiva University Museum and Oxford University Press in 1995.

Book Explores Jewish Roots in Poland

Congratulations to ISJM Sponsor Miriam Weiner on the recent publication of her book, Jewish Roots in Poland: Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories. This handsome volume is an essential aid for genealogists as well as must reading for anyone interested in remembering the three million Polish Jews who perished in the Holocaust. It contains a thirty page bibliography, over 500 photographs, and a thorough inventory of surviving Jewish records in Poland. (ISJM is offering this book as a premium to contributors of $500 or more).

In the Works

Rivka and BenZion Dorfman report that their book Synagogues Without Jews has been accepted for publication by the Jewish Publication Society of America (Philadelphia). Funds are needed to help underwrite this publication.

With the Spring 1998 issue, JHR will begin a regular book review section. Send notices of new books and articles to the editor.

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