Jewish Heritage Report
Vol. I, Nos. 3-4 / Winter 1997-98
Newark Restoration

Newark Restoration Update

The Newark Preservation and Landmarks Committee (Yesterday's News, Fall 1997) reports that restoration and rehabilitation of the 103-year-old former Oheb Shalom Synagogue in Newark continues. The roof has been replaced, exterior brickwork repointed, the elaborate metal cornice recreated, and windows readied for installation. The front facade has been restored to its original appearance when the building opened in September 1884.

Recently threatened by the wrecking ball, this Moorish Revival structure also housed the Metropolitan Baptist Church for more than fifty years. It is now owned by the Greater Newark Conservancy (GNC) which intends to adaptively reuse it as an urban environmental center. When reopened, the building will include an exhibit on the Jewish and African-American congregations that previously worshipped there. The GNC has already raised $1.5 million towards the building's restoration and hopes to reach the $2 million level by June 1998. Rehabilitation of the interior will commence next year as the capital campaign continues towards its $4 million goal. Mark Gordon, Vice President of the GNC, states, "We would welcome contributions toward our efforts to reopen a spectacular Moorish building as a center for teaching environmental science to inner-city youth."

For further information, contact Mark Gordon at (973) 761-1106

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