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Vol. I, Nos. 3-4 / Winter 1997-98
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Recent and Upcoming Conferences and Events

Colloquium in Honor of the 70th Birthday of Prof. Mons. Benedetto Rocco. Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo, Sicily, December 5, 1997.
Prof. Rocco is chaplain of the Sicilian Parliament and a leading scholar of Sicilian Judaeo-Arabic. On the occasion of the Colloquium, a jubilee volume Gli Ebrei in Sicilia dal tardo antico al medieovo, edited by Nicolo Bucaria, was presented to the civil and religious authorities of Sicily. Contributors to the volume include David Abulafia, Stefano Arieti, David Cassuto, Cesare Colefemmina, Giovanni di Stefano, Salvatore Fodale, Miriam Frenkel, Maria Gerardi, Giancarlo Lacerenza, Michele Luzzati, Vittorio Morabito, Luciana Pepi, Angela Scandaliato, Heikki Solin and Nadia Zeldes. The volume is published by Flaccovio, Palermo. For more information contact Prof. Giovanni Ruffino, Facolta di lettere e Filosofia, Viale delle Scienze, I 90128, Palermo, tel (39-91) 6560281/4 or fax (39-91) 421494.

Inside/Out, 1998 Conference of the Council of American Jewish Museums (CAJM). January 18-20, 1998, New York, NY. Host Museum, Museum of Jewish Heritage: A Living Memorial to the Holocaust. An opportunity for Jewish museum professionals and trustees to reflect upon the concentric circles in which their institutions exist. Among the topics to be discussed: Are Jewish museums truly reflective of and responsive to the broad spectrum of Jewish constituents, or do they present "monolithic" stories? Are non-Jewish visitors and colleagues treated with equal respect? Are values implicit in museum interpretation consistent with those of individual staff members and volunteers who must communicate those values? Are Jewish museums keeping pace with demographic trends affecting Jewish communities, including, for example, a renewed interest in spirituality? For further information contact Council of American Jewish Museums, National Foundation for Jewish Culture (NFJC), 330 Seventh Ave., 21st floor, NY, NY 10001; tel. (212) 629-0500; fax (212) 629-0508.

Dedication of a New Building for the Jewish Museum of Maryland. Baltimore, MD, March 8, 1998. For more information, tel.(410) 732-6400.

Rededication of National Jewish Center - Beit Ha'am. Sofia, Bulgaria, March 13- 15, 1998. Ceremonies include inauguration of newly restored Ark in Sofia's Central Synagogue, originally built from 1905-1910 and undergoing restoration for the past several years.

Conference on the Medieval Synagogue of Miltenberg, Germany. Old Town Hall, Miltenberg, April 30-May 1, 1998. In 1870, the Jewish community of the Northern Bavarian town of Miltenberg sold its synagogue, which dates from the late 13th century, to a brewery, which has used it as a storage facility ever since - but without making structural alterations. The vaulted ceiling and the superstructure of the Ark are still intact. On the initiative of the Jewish Museum of Franconia in Furth, the Historical Society of Miltenberg is financing an exploration of the building. The results will be reported at the conference, arranged in conjunction with the Stadtmuseum Miltenberg and the Cultural Department of Lower Franconia, which will also initiate a discussion on the possible restoration of the building. For more information contact Judisches Museum Franken, Furth & Schnaittach, Nurnberger Strasse 3, 90762 Furth, Germany; tel. 0911 770577 / fax 0911 417896.

American Association for Polish-Jewish Studies Conference. Cracow, Poland, May 30-June 1, 1998. The theme of the conference will be the Jews of Galicia. Contact AAPJS, 1583 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138, (617) 547-7701.

Jewish Settlements in Medieval Europe: Archeology, Architecture and Culture. A session to be held at the International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, UK, July 13-16, 1998. This workshop will reassess the culture of Jewish settlements in Medieval Europe. In the past year, important new findings have emerged from excavations in medieval urban centers across Europe such as Guildford, Regensburg, Rouen, and Vienna. Gradually, evidence is emerging which has the potential to substantially complement/alter our knowledge about Jewish settlements and culture in medieval Europe. Methodologically, this workshop will bring together for exchange and potential cooperation members of different disciplines and from different countries. Future research should focus on a new comprehensive investigation of medieval Jewish culture, integrating the findings of archeologists and conservationists with the approaches of historians, art historians, and cultural historians. Scheduled speakers include E. Frojmovic (Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Leeds, UK), S. Gruber (Jewish Heritage Research Center, Syracuse, USA), Raphael Isserlin (English Heritage), Sharman Kadish (Working Party on Jewish Monuments, London, UK), Vivian Mann (The Jewish Museum, New York); Alessandra Veronese (Universita di Studi, Pisa, Italy), Stefan Rohrbacher (University of Hamburg, Germany) and A. Weber (Jewish Museum, Frankfurt).

For more information, please contact: Dr. Eva Frojmovic Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Leeds, UK - Leeds LS2 9JT; Tel: 0044-113-233 5197; Fax: 0044-113-245 1977;e-mail:

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