Jewish Heritage Report
Vol. I, Nos. 3-4 / Winter 1997-98
Construction of NY Center

Construction Begins on NY Center for Jewish History

Construction has begun on the new Center for Jewish History on West 16th Street in New York City. Work on the steel frame of the building began this summer. When complete, the Center will be the new home of YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, the Leo Baeck Foundation, the American Jewish Historical Society, and the Yeshiva University Museum. Staffs from the various institutions have been meeting to discuss the layout of the central reading room which will serve all the Center's visitors, genealogical references, the use of staff and volunteers, basic rules, regulations and procedures, policies regarding collection development, projected computerization needs and security issues. A cornerstone document for archival and library operations at the new institution has been drafted which underscores the partners' commitment to providing free and open access to the collections. Plans now call for each institution's collection to remain intact and distinct, with the hope for the establishment of a uniform and integrated catalogue. There has been some discussion of grouping related materials. ISJM members are encouraged to submit their ideas for the treatment of research materials relevant to Jewish monuments (i.e. architectural drawings, photos, etc.).

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