Jewish Heritage Report
Vol. I, No. 2 / Summer 1997
From the President

From the President

Welcome to the second edition of Jewish Heritage Report, the new newsletter of the International Survey of Jewish Monuments. The response to the first issue has been great and new memberships have helped cover the cost of production and mailing. Equally important, news has been streaming in from around the world, with information sent from twenty countries. All this in only three months! To meet the increase in information and the obvious thirst for it, we have increased the size of the JHR from sixteen to twenty-eight pages. We have also managed to improve the images’ quality. If interest holds, and money allows, we hope that JHR will keep growing with each of the next few issues.

I would especially like to thank those members who have submitted news items and those who happily agreed to supply articles. I am only sorry that we could not run these pieces as fully as they deserve. I encourage other readers to submit items for publication, including first person accounts of their work with Jewish monuments.

There are many important news items included in this issue – especially with regard to new documentation and preservation initiatives and grants received. To me the news of greatest importance, however, is the recent pronouncement by Pope John Paul II encouraging the care of Jewish cemeteries in Poland. This message, not reported in the general media, deserves more attention, and will certainly stimulate much discussion and, we hope, action among Catholics in all of the countries affected by the Holocaust, where the protection and maintenance of Jewish cemeteries is a major concern.

Samuel Gruber

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