International Survey of Jewish Monuments

Ori Soltes, long-time director of the B'nai Brith Klutznick National Jewish Museum in Washington resigned from the position in last August. Much of the Museum's staff and board have also recently departed leaving the institution short-handed.

The board of the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam has announced that Rivka Weiss-Blok has been appointed General Director of the Museum effective December 1, 1998.

Constance Wolf, who was associate director of public programs at the Whitney Museum of Amercian Art for seven and half years, resigned in early December, 1998, to become director of the 14-year-old Jewish Museum in San Francisco, which is in the process of relocation to the historic Jessie Street substation. The expansion is to be designed by Daniel Liebskind, who recently completed the extension of the Jewish Museum in Berlin. The former power plant adjacent to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will become the new 60,000 square foot Jewish Museum. Meanwhile, across the bay in Berekley, California, the Judah Magnes Museum continues its search for a permanent director to replace Seymour Fromer.

Baruch Rabinowitz has been hired by the Jewish Community of Warsaw to serve as rabbi for the community at the city's restored Nosyk Synagogue. Rabinowitz, a 25-year old Russian Jew educated in Hungary and Denmark and currently lives Israel. There has been no rabbi specifically for the Warsaw community for decades. The Ger Hasid Menchem Joskowicz has been Poland's chief rabbi for a decade.  

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