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Israeli Chief Rabbi Requests Lithuanian Torahs--From JHR II:1-2, January 7, 1999

Oldest Synagogue Excavated near Jericho--From JHR II: 1-2, January 7, 1999

Polish Cemetery Caretakers Honored by the State of Israel, From JHR II: 1-2, January 7, 1999
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The Council for Restoration and Preservation of Historic Sites in Israel The Council was established to protect the irreplaceable historic buildings and heritage sites associated with Israelís rebirth.

The Jerusalem Italian Jews Association is a non-profit organisation founded in 1982 with the aim of preserving the age-old spiritual culture of Italian Jewry and spreading it into Israeli society. Besides that, it was also founded to manage the U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art, whose outstanding collection focuses on objects of the Renaissance and Baroque periods in Italy and also to operate the Conegliano Veneto Synagogue.

The city of Safed webpage; included images, history, tourist information

The Safed Foundation is a non-profit, non-affiliated organization established to promote the historical and cultural resources of Safed, in a way that touches the mind, and the soul.

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