The gate of the former Synagogue of Zakynthos

Historical Data:  During the 18th century, two synagogues were functioning on Zakynthos, the Candiot and the Sephardi.  In 1953, the island was struck by a severe earthquake an dthe fire that followed it destroyedd its entire Jewwish quarter as well as its two synagogues.  In 1954, the Jewish community of Zakynthos was dissolved.  There remains only the site of the Candiot Synagogue and a Memorial was placed in its courtyard indicating the place.  No Jews have lived on Zakynthos since 1955.

Area/Capacity:   80 sq. m.

Actual Condition:  From the Candiot Synagogue remain the surrounding wall, the door and a small part of the courtyard, in relatively good condition.

Necessary Restoration Works:  Cleaning and preservation works of the area and the Memorial.

Estimated Cost:   2 million drs. ($6,000 US)

[For information about the cemetery of Zakynthos, see this page.]
last updated:  5/10/00

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