Old tombs of Rabbis in the cemetery of Zakynthos

Historical Data:  In 1953, a sever earthquate struck the Ionian Islands and destroyed the entire Jewish presence in Zakynthos.  The cemetery includes some interesting tombstones dating back to the 15th century.  No Jews have lived on Zakynthos since the earthquake.

Area/Capacity:   9,667 sq. m. (part of the cemetery has been trespassed)

Actual Condition:  The cemetery of Zakynthos is the only on ethat is guarded.  Part of the surrounding wall has fallen due to corrosion.

Necessary Restoration Works:  The surrounding wall must be rebuilt and conservation works are needed for many graves.

Estimated Cost:   30 million drs. ($86,000 US)

[For more information about the remains of the Synagogue of Zakynthos, please view this page.]

last updated:  5/10/00

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