The gate of the Jewish cemetery
Vandalized tombs in the cemetery of Trikala

Historical Data:  This cemetery has some interesting tombstones with inscriptions depicting the craft or profession of the deceased.  The cemetery of Trikala has been vandalized three times inn 1993, 1997 and in 1998.

Area/Capacity:   14,700 sq. m.

Actual Condition:  Due to the repeated desecration attacks, the cemetery is in a bad state of preservation.

Necessary Restoration Works:

  • The surrounding wall has to be reconstructed and the graves have to be conserved and recorded.
  • A topographical plan of the area is required.
  • Internal paths need to be graveled.
  • Estimated Cost:   20 million drs. ($57,000 US)

    [For information about the Synagogue of  Trikala, please see this page.]

    last updated:  5/10/00

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