The few remaining shattered tombs in the cemetery of Serres

Historical Data:  The cemetery of Serres has some gravestones and the remains of a small number of tombs.  No Jews have lived in Serres since the Holocaust.

Area/Capacity:  1,500 sq. m. (A great part of this area has been trespassed.)

Actual Condition:  The Municipality of Serres over the years has trespassed on a great part of the cemetery area.  The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece has taken legal actions to settle this issue.  The tombs are in a bad state of preservation.

Necessary Restoration Works:  Restoration and conservation works are necessary for the few remaining tombs.

Estimated Cost:  20 million drs. ($57,000 US)

[The Synagogue of Serres does not exist.  It has been demolished.]

last updated:  5/10/00

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