Excavation works at the section of the tombs of the Rabbis
 From the tomb conservation works
Inauguration of the small museum, functioning inside the Jewish cemetery.  Its collection includes the findings of the excavation works 
Destroyed tombs before the conservation works. 
The cemetery after the conservation works.  (The discovered tombs of Rabbis since the 16th century)


Historical Data:  The cemetery of Chalkis contains graves dating back to the Ottoman period (15th century).  The earliest of them are of considerable interest as they have gabled superstructures.  Due to recent excavation works, the tombs of great Rabbis and Kabbalists were discovered.  Within the cemetery area, a small musuem is functioning, exhibiting the findings.  This remarkable work was carried out under the supervision of the local Jewish community.

Area/Capacity:   17,000 sq. m.

Actual Condition:  The cemetery is maintained in very good condition.  A Holocaust Memorial was recently erected in the cemetery.  The completion of the Museum is the main project of the Jewish Community of Chalkis.

Necessary Restoration Works:  Considerable funds are necessary for the continuation of the excavation works and the conservation of the findings and the old tombstones.  Finishing and preseration works at the museum.  Erection of the Holocaust Memorial.

Estimated Cost:   million drs. ($,000 US)

[For information about the Synagogue of Chalkis, please see this page.]

last updated:  5/10/00

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