International Survey of Jewish Monuments
International Survey of Jewish Monuments

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  • Jews in Medieval Britain: Historical, Literary and Archaeological Perspectives, Edited by Patricia Skinner; Rochester, New York: Boydell Press, 2003. X + 192 pp. ISBN 0-851-15931-1 (Cloth). Reviewed for H-JUDAIC by Frederic Krome, The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives.

  • Hi-Tech Synagogue Proposed for Leeds, England, from JHR II, 1-2

  • Squatter Fixes London Synagogue, from JHR II, 1-2

  • Congregation Votes to Sell Landmark Synagogue in Sheffield, England, from JHR I, 3-4.

  • England's Heritage Lottery Funds Survey of Jewish Monuments by Sharman Kadish, from JHR 1, 3-4

  • English Judaica Surveyed, from JHR I, 1

  • Medieval Synagogue Discovered in Guildford, England, from JHR I, 1

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  • The Hidden Legacy Foundation -- Jewish Heritage Survey
  • After the preliminary survey of Wales, which was reported in the last issue of the Newsletter, a similar survey of Scotland, covering synagogues and cemeteries in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness was undertaken by Dr Helen Fry and Evelyn Friedlander. Synagogues in Leeds, Liverpool and London's East End were also visited.

    Update for 2000

  • Synagogues of the Southwest of England
  • Two of the oldest synagogues in England are located in the Southwest. The Plymouth synagogue was built in 1761 and the Exter synagogue followed two years later.  Both buildings have been renovated and house congregations that provide websites with infromation about the communities and their historical buildings:
    Exeter Hebrew Congregation web site includes a tour of the building and information for visitors.

    Plymouth Synagogue site includes community history and information.

  • Survey of the Jewish Built Heritage in the United Kingdom & Ireland
  • The Jewish Built Heritage in the UK & Ireland is the first comprehensive survey of Jewish monuments and sites ever undertaken in Britain. It has been made possible through a substantial grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). The HLF was one of several funds set up by the British Government to distribute money which is raised by the National Lottery, created in 1994. The support which the Survey has already received from official sources demonstrates that the so-called 'cultural industries' in Britain have embraced the reality of a multi-cultural society. The Jewish cultural heritage has finally achieved recognition as an integral part of Britain's national heritage.
  • Bevis Marks
  • This site presents conservation issues and background of The Synagogue of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation, Bevis Marks, Adlgate, London.
  • Canterbury's Old Synagogue
  • The "Old" Synagogue is in King Street and the Cemetery is in St. Dunstan's.
  • The Jewish Museum London
  • The Jewish Museum opens a window onto the history and religious life of the Jewish community in Britain and beyond.
  • Group of Links to English Genealogical Sites
  • This site is a collection of miscellanies...historical and genealogical information
    about the Jewish Community of England.  The purpose is to make a modest
    amount of source material and databases available to researchers.

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