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This is ISJM's searchable database containing information about historic Jewish sites* in North America--including synagogues, cemeteries, community buildings, historic houses, etc.  Each record contains information including the name, date of construction, site location, landmark status, and current use and condition.  The sites are listed on various registers on local, state, and national levels.  While this is not a complete listing of historical Jewish sites in the United States (especially of locally designated sites), it is the most comprehensive listing of its kind.  It is a work in progress with plans for the addition of more records, more comprehensive text within existing records, and photos. 

The information for this database was compiled by Samuel Gruber of the ISJM and Sally Magid for the World Monuments Fund Jewish heritage program. The database itself was collated for the ISJM by Anthony Gigliotti.

Searching by location will allow you to access every record; however, searching by other means will leave out those records in which the information about the feature by which you are searching is unknown. For example, you will not be able to find a record in which the architect is unknown if you search by architect. Searching by location is the only way in which to search the entire database. You can, however, access most of the records when searching by other means.  For example, if you pick "By Architectural Style", a list of styles will come up and you can pick from the selection of styles to see structures built with that style.

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* All sites are listed by their historic name, which in some cases is also their current name.

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