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American Synagogues : A Century of Architecture and Jewish Community by Samuel D. Gruber

American Synagogues is the first book to explore the exceptional architecture of modern American synagogues in the twentieth century, and this intriguing book relates the fascinating history of the Jewish people in America and how it is expressed in twentieth-century synagogue design.

The book features all new photography of synagogues in many styles from a dozen states, many never before published in any form. The synagogues were designed by European masters, the best-known modern American architects, and by important contemporary architects including Frank Lloyd Wright, Philip Johnson, and Minoru Yamasaki.;

And I Shall Dwell Among Them : Historic Synagogues of the World by Yom Tov Assis, Neil Folberg

This volume offers exquisite reproductions of excellent photographs of little-known synagogues around the world. In his images taken in India, Italy, the Caribbean, and the Middle East, among other places, Folberg (In a Desert Land, LJ 2/1/88) shows the immense diversity of Jewish houses of worship. Well-chosen location and detail shots demonstrate the relationship of synagogues to the cultures in which Jews found themselves, highlighting the adaptability of a people on the move. Indeed, the photographs are a visual record of the wanderings and adaptations of the Diaspora. Each building has been photographed in detail, and many of the synagogues in the book have been photographed for the first time. The essay "The Synagogue Through the Ages" complements the photographs, discussing the buildings in their cultural and social contexts. This beautiful book is recommended for lay readers and specialists alike.

Synagogues of Europe : Architecture, History, Meaning by Carol Herselle Krinsky

Carol Herselle Krinsky. Wide-ranging study, enhanced with over 250 superb illustrations, offers a fascinating, authoritative history of the Jewish house of worship from antiquity to modern times. Describes their functions, furnishings, and architectural changes through the centuries, with specific accounts of individual European synagogues and insightful discussions of fortifications, materials of construction, women’s galleries, the impact of the Reform Movement, architectural styles and more.

Resplendent Synagogue: Architecture and Worship in an Eighteenth-Century Polish Community by Thomas C. Hubka

Provocative interpretation of the art and architecture of a pre-modern wooden synagogue illuminates the social, historical, and religious context of an Eastern-European Jewish community.

Synagogue Architecture in America: Faith, Spirit and Identity by Henry Stolzman, Daniel Stolzman

American synagogues tell the story of American Jews, a people whose culture and identity have evolved dramatically over the last four centuries, and whose religious buildings have changed as a result. The book combines the disciplines of history, architecture, and sociology in an innovative portrait of the American Jewish experience over the last 350 years. Architect Henry Stolzman and his son Daniel share their passion for the subject by taking us on a journey through more than synagogues, each illustrated with stunnig photographs

Synagogues Without Jews
by Rivka Dorfman, Ben-Zion Dorfman

Through words and more than 300 exquisite photographs, Synagogues Without Jews tells the colorful histories of over thirty Jewish communities - in Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, northern Italy, Greece, and the Czech and Slovak Republics - that thrived before World War II. It is filled with floor plans, elevations, full-color photographs, and descriptions of the synagogues that were the pride and joy of their congregations. And there are stories of people - Jews of the past who helped their communities flourish, and Jews of present who remain, safeguarding their beloved synagogues and passing their memories onto the next generation. This stunning book deserves to be in every Jewish home as a treasured reminder of how precious our history is.

The Synagogue
by Harold Meek

More than a gloriously illustrated celebration of the Jewish synagogue, this stirring album charts Jewish history, culture and worship through the prism of Jews' houses of worship. Beginning with Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem, completed in 950 BCE, British architectural historian Meek surveys early synagogues of the Greco-Roman world, ornate Islamic-style temples built under Moslem rule in Spain, Renaissance and Baroque prayer-houses of Venice and Padua. We visit the Great Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam (1671-75), spiritual center of western Sephardim, the extraordinary wooden temples of Poland, built as early as 1642 (all torched by the Germans in WWII), Marc Chagall's stained-glass windows depicting the Twelve Tribes of Israel in a Jerusalem synagogue and modernist temples in the U.S. designed by Walter Gropius, Philip Johnson and Frank Lloyd Wright. More than 200 prints, architectural drawings, paintings and photographs, most in color, complement an informal text to evoke the synagogue as a reservoir of spiritual strength and renewal.

Synagogues (The Great Architecture Series)
by Samuel D. Gruber

This volume traces the history of the synagogue and follows the long and proud history of the Jewish people through spread and development of teh synagogues art and architecture throughout the ages and across continents.

Synagogues: Architecture and Jewish Identity by Dominique Jarrasse
In this book Dominique Jarrasse discards rigid geographical and chronological restriction and brings a fresh, wide-ranging eye to bear on the age-old story of synagogue architecture around world.

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