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Samuel D. Gruber
Synagogues (The Great Architecture Series)
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Ariella Amar and Ruth Jacoby
Ingathering of the Nations: Treasures of Jewish Art: Documenting an Endangered Legacy
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Matthew Baigell
Jewish-American Artists and the Holocaust
Samuel Bak and Lawrence L. Langer
Landscapes of Jewish Experience

Richard Brilliant (Editor), Ellen Smith (Editor)
Facing the New World : Jewish Portraits in Colonial and Federal America,

Leo Bronstein
Kabbalah and Art

Marilyn J. Chiat
America's Religious Architecture: Sacred Places for Every Community

Valery Dymshits, Tatjana Emelyanenko
Facing West: Oriental Jews of Central Asia and the Caucasus

Marc Michael Epstein
Dreams of Subversion in Medieval Jewish Art and Literature

Mary Lowenthal Felstiner
To Paint Her Life: Charlotte Salomon in the Nazi Era

Neil Folberg (Photographer), Yom Tov Assis
And I Shall Dwell Among Them: Historic Synagogues of the World

Jacobo Furman
Treasures of Jewish Art from the Jacobo and Asea Furman Collection of Judaica

Susan T. Goodman (Editor), Ziva Amishai-Maisels (Editor), Jewish Museum
Russian Jewish Artists in a Century of Change: 1890-1990

Grace Cohen Grossman with Richard Eighme Ahlborn

Judaica at the Smithsonian: Cultural Politics as Cultural Model
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Grace Cohen Grossman, George C. Grossman
Jewish Art

Joseph Gutman (Editor)
The Dura-Europos Synagogue: A Re-Evaluation (1932-1992)

Rachel Hachlili
Ancient Jewish Art and Archaeology in the Diaspora  (Handbuch Der Orientalistik. Erste Abteilung, Der Nahe Und Mittlere Osten, 35 Bd)

Rachel Hachlili
Ancient Jewish Art and Archaeology in the Land of Israel (Handbuch Der Orientalistik 7)

Maurice Hayoun and Dominique Jarrassé
Les Synagogues
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Thomas Hubka
“Jewish Art and Architecture in the East European Context: The Gwozdziec-Chodorow Group of Wooden Synagogues,” Polin (Volume 10): Jews in Early Modern Poland, ed. Gershon David Hundert

Avram Kampf
Chagall to Kitaj

Simon Kops, Carolyn Moore Mooso (Editor)
Fast, Clean, and Cheap: Or Everything the Jewish Teacher and Parent Needs to Know About Art

Carol Herselle Krinsky
Synagogues of Europe: Architecture, History, Meaning

Lawrence L. Langer (Editor)
Art from the Ashes: A Holocaust Anthology

Vivian B. Mann (Editor), Richard I. Cohen (Editor), Fritz Backhaus (Editor)
From Court Jews to the Rothschilds: Art, Patronage, and Power 1600-1800

Harold A. Meek
The Synagogue: The Complete History of the Art and Architecture of the Synagogue

Gabrielle Sed-Rajna, et al
Jewish Art

Joseph Shadur, Yehudit Shadur
Jewish Papercuts: A History and Guide

Nicholas Stavroulakis
Jewish Sites and Synagogues of Greece

Shlomo Pesach Toperoff
The Animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought

Ernst Van Alphen
Caught by History: Holocaust Effects in Contemporary Art, Literature, and Theory

Hana Volavkova (Editor), U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
I Never Saw Another Butterfly: Children's Drawings and Poems from Terezin Concentration Camp, 1942-1944

Jeshajahu Weinberg, Rina Elieli
The Holocaust Museum in Washington

James E. Young, ed.
The Art of Memory:  Holocaust Memorials in History

James E. Young
At Memory's Edge: After-Images of the Holocaust in Contemporary Art and Architecture

James E. Young
The Texture of Memory: Holocaust Memorials and Meaning

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