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Estelle Shabet Brettman
Vaults of Memory : Jewish and Christian Imagery in the Catacombs of Rome an Exhibition
Vaults of Memory offers twentieth-century viewers a record of the catacombs of Rome. Glimpses of the Jewish catacombs of Villa Torlonia and Vigna Randanini, as well as of Christian and pagan cemeteries, document the present condition of paintings still visible on the walls and ceilings of these underground burial places. Photographs of fresco and relief, vaulted ceiling and mosaic floor, ritual vessel and crude graffito present a visual essay of Jewish and early Christian images, symbols, and epigraphy more than fifteen hundred years old. Augmented by artifacts and impressions, the exhibition reflects the intersections of religious thinking of the various sects in ancient Rome. In funeral iconography, Graeco-Roman myths are mingled with Old Testament themes, both of which influenced early Christian expressions of hope for the deceased.

Bernadette Brooten
Women Leaders in the Ancient Synagogue

Marilyn Joyce Segal Chiat
Handbook of Synagogue Architecture

Steven Fine
Sacred Realm : The Emergence of the Synagogue in the Ancient World
Sacred Realm: The Emergence of the Synagogue in the Ancient World offers the first comprehensive history of the architectural and archaeological development of the synagogue from the third century BCE to 700 CE. Telling the story of over one hundred ancient synagogues throughout the world and their place in the history of Judaism and of Western civilization, this book provides a fascinating representation of the cultural, intellectual, and artistic achievements of three thousand years of Jewish experience. Informative essays detail every aspect of the ancient synagogue, while beautiful illustrations and maps take the reader to the actual historic site.

Steven Fine
This Holy Place : On the Sanctity of the Synagogue During the Greco-Roman Period (Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity Series, V. 11)
There have been a plethora of studies on the ancient synagogue based on the new archaeological and literary sources that are coming to light, but this volume by Fine (Rabbinic studies, Baltimore Hebrew Univ.) is the most exhaustive study yet. The result of seven years of research, this revision of a doctoral dissertation at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a massive compendium of sources and scholarship. Both literary sources and archaeological remains dating back to the Greco-Roman period call the synagogue a holy place; Fine studies how and why it attained that designation. The twin testimonies to the sanctification process are traced from the Second Temple Period in Tannaitic, Amoraic, and Post-Amoraic literature from the land of Israel, archaeological remains from late Palestinian antiquity, and the references to synagogues throughout the Diaspora in late antiquity. A substantial, scholarly book that is still accessible to those who have sufficient interest in the subject but lack the specialist's understanding of archaeology and Jewish literature.

Joseph Gutmann
The Synagogue : Studies in Origins, Archaeology, and Architecture (The Library of Biblical Studies)

Rachel Hachlili
Ancient Jewish Art and Archaeology in the Diaspora (Handbuch Der Orientalistik. Erste Abteilung, Der Nahe Und Mittlere Osten, 35 Bd)

Leslie J. Hoppe
The Synagogues and Churches of Ancient Palestine

Ancient synagogue excavations at Khirbet Shema°, Upper Galilee, Israel, 1970-1972

Adia Konikoff
Sarcophagi from the Jewish catacombs of ancient Rome: a catalogue raisonnâe

Carl H. Kraeling
The Synagogue (Excavations at Dura-Europos, Final Report 8, Pt. 1.)

Lee. I. Levine
Ancient Synagogues Revealed

Lee I. Levine
The Ancient Synagogue: The First Thousand Years
In this comprehensive history of the synagogue from the Hellenistic period through late antiquity, Lee Levine traces the development of a dynamic and revolutionary institution. Examining synagogues in Israel and the Diaspora, he describes their physical features, role in the community, leadership, liturgy, and art as well as their success in integrating social and religious behavior from surrounding non-Jewish society.

Leonard V. Rutgers
The Hidden Heritage of Diaspora Judaism. Essays on Jewish Cultural Identity in the Roman World
In the present collection of essays, Dr. L.V. Rutgers, author of the award-winning "The Jews in Late Ancient Rome" (1995) investigates how Diaspora Jews defined their identity while interacting with contemporary non-Jewish society. Bringing to bear on this issue archaeological, epigraphical, and historical evidence, the author investigates Jewish and non-Jewish evidence side-by-side in an attempt to shed new light on the question of how physical remains can help us to revise current perceptions of Jewish life in the Diaspora

Leonard V. Rutgers
The Jews in Late Ancient Rome : Evidence of Cultural Interaction in the Roman Diaspora (Religions in the Graeco-Roman World, Vol 126
The Jews in Late Ancient Rome focusses on the Jewish community in third and fourth century Rome, and in particular on how this community related to the larger non-Jewish world that surrounded it. The book's point of departure is a refutation of the disputable thesis that Roman Jews lived in complete isolation. The book examines Jewish archaeological remains and Jewish funerary inscriptions from Rome from various angles, and compares them with Pagan and early Christian material and epigraphical remains. In the last part the author concentrates on an enigmatic legal treatise entitled the Collatio, identifying its author and exploring the implications of this identification. This study proposes a new way in which the relationship between Jews and non-Jews in late antiquity can be studied.

Eleazar Lipa Sukenik
The ancient synagogue of Beth Alpha : an account of the excavations conducted on behalf of the Hebrew Univ., Jerusalem ; from the Hebrew

D. Urman (Editor), Paul V.M. Flesher (Editor)
Ancient Synagogues : Historical Analysis and Archaeological Discovery (Studia Post-Biblica, Volume 47, 2)
The origins of the synagogue remain shrouded in mystery and its development in its early centuries is only slightly better understood. This book brings together over twenty essays from Israeli, British, and American scholars to explore the development of the ancient synagogue. Combining original articles with the best of earlier studies--including nine articles here translated from the Hebrew for the first time--this collection presents the fullest critical picture of the early synagogue and the scholarly discussions concerning it. The book focuses on two central questions. First, what were the origins of the earliest synagogues, and where did they achieve the greatest growth in the early centuries? Second, what role did the early synagogue play within the Jewish community?

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