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Synagoga Slovaca: Gateway to Slovak Jewish Heritage

Synagoga Slovaca, began in 2001 as a project by Maros Borsky in Bratislava, with the intent to document the scores of synagogues in Slovakia.  Borsky completed his doctoral dissertation at the University of Heidelberg on the architecture of Synagogues in Slovakia.  Much of his historical, descriptive and analytic materials is now incorporated
on the well designed and well illustrated website. Private funding from the Cahnman foundation of New York and other sources allowed site visits for new photography and more precise architectural description. The project has recently expanded to include research about cemeteries, cemetery chapels, mikvaot (ritual baths), school buildings and other Jewish communal buildings in Slovakia, too.

According to Borsky: "Currently, there are over one hundred synagogues and prayer halls in the country, plus several historical mikvaot, and almost seven hundred cemeteries with an undetermined number of cemetery chapels. Only about half a dozen synagogues or prayer halls are still used for religious purposes. Most cemeteries are overgrown and abandoned."  Most of the buildings are represented on the website.

A major goal of the website and the Slovak Jewish Heritage Center is to promote Slovak Jewish heritage to the scholarly community and the serve the general public.  Material is regularly added to the website.

ISJM recommends this website for the quality of its presentation and the unique information presented.  It ranks as one of the very best "countrywide" presentations Jewish heritage now on-line.

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