International Survey of Jewish Monuments
International Survey of Jewish Monuments

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Information housed by ISJM:
  • Soon to enrich Vilnius: Plaques commemorating Yiddish Culture
  • Israeli Chief Rabbi Requests Lithuanian Torahs, from JHR II, 1-2
  • Lithuanians Celebrate Gaon's Legacy & Lubavitch Opens New Center in Vilna, from JHR I, 3-4
  • Lithuanian President Orders Investigation into Desecration of Jewish Monuments, from JHR I, 3-4
  • NFJC Coordinates Community-wide Response to Languishing Jewish Books in Vilnius, from JHR I, 2
  • Telsiai (Lithuania) Jews Seek Help, from JHR I, 2
  • US Commission for Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad  Signs Agreements with Estonia and Lithuania, from JHR II, 1-2

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