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(Syracuse June 8, 1999) Metrobooks of New York has published a lavishly illustrated introduction to the history and architecture of the synagogue by architectural historian and preservationist Dr. Samuel D. Gruber, president of the International Survey of Jewish Monuments.  SYNAGOGUES [ISBN 1-56799-742-2] is part of Metrobooks' Great Architecture Series.  The book contains 116 color illustrations, many of them full page, and is a comprehensive overview of the architectural achievements of synagogue builders from around the world, spanning two millennia.

The selection of synagogues in this hardback volume represents the glory and dramatic sweep of Jewish history: from the ancient stones of the remains of synagogues at Dura-Europas and Beth Apha to the elaborate cathedral-like synagogue of nineteenth-century Vienna and Berlin, the achievements of modern architects Frank Lloyd Wright, Minoru Yamasaki and Louis Kahn.

In addition to a rich selection of monuments from Western Europe, America and Israel, Synagogues contains descriptive information and many photographs of synagogues from Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and India - many of which have never been seen in print before.  Photographs are by an international team of top architectural photographers.  Some of the remarkable images, such of those of synagogues in Morocco and Syria, have been provided by the World Monuments Fund, which carried out documentary surveys of Jewish monuments in those countries organized by Dr. Gruber.

Samuel D. Gruber is Director of the Jewish Heritage Research Center in Syracuse, New York.  He is Jewish Heritage Program Consultant to the World Monuments Fund; Research Director of the United States Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad; and President of the International Survey of Jewish Monuments.  He is also Executive Director of the Preservation Association of Central New York.   Dr. Gruber holds a Ph.D in architectural history from Columbia University.

SYNAGOGUES is priced at under $20.00 and makes a perfect gift for friends who like to travel - or for armchair travelers.  Its straight-forward text is good for adults and students and will make a valued Bar/Bat Mitzvah gift, or an addition to a synagogue library.

For further information on ordering SYNAGOGUES or to obtain review copies for publications contact Metrobooks, Michael Friedman Publishing Group, Inc. 15 West 26 Street, NY, NY 10010-1094 (212) 685-6610.

SYNAGOGUES can also be ordered through you local bookstore or on the internet at the ISJM/ bookstore. ISJM receives a donation of 15% of all orders placed at the bookstore entered through our site.

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