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Synagogue in Rhodes, Greece Receives Grant from American Express, from ISJM News Update, June 12 - 19, 2000

Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece Prioritizes Conservation Needs for Jewish Sites

In an unprecedented effort, the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (KIS) has prepared documentation on the current state of care and preservation of dozens of important Jewish sites throughout Greece.  These include cemeteries and synagogues.  The report, posted here, includes information on the history of each sites and its current condition.  Importantly, descriptions of necessary maintenance and restoration work are included, as well as costs.  These range from a few thousand dollars needed for some sites to much larger budgets for the more seriously damaged and endangered places.

ISJM posts this information in the hope that the international community will be able to provide assistance.  The small Greek Jewish community, despite its best efforts, is unable to carry out and finance this work on its own.

Center for Jewish Art Symposium Tours Jewish Sites in Greece, article from JHR, vol I: 3-4

Greek Holocaust commemorated in new book in exhibition

Holocaust Memorial - Last Work of Nandor Glid - Unveiled in Salonika, Greece, article from JHR, vol I: 3-4

Jewish Museum of Greece Prepares for New Home, article from JHR, vol I: 3-4

Kastoria, Greece, Also Dedicates Monument,article from JHR, vol I: 3-4

ISJM News:  Week of August 2 - August 9

ISJM News:  August 26 - September 6
    Jewish Sites Appear Undamaged in Turkish & Greek Earthquake

ISJM Sponsored Project:  Synagogues of Greece: History and Architecture by Elias Messinas

Restoration of Etz Hayyim Synagogue in Crete Begins, article from JHR, vol I: 3-4

Salonika Synagogue Book Marks City's Cultural Capital Designation, article from JHR, vol I: 3-4

Veroia Synagogue Receives Getty Grants, article from JHR, vol I: 3-4

WMF ANNOUNCES PRIORITIES FOR RESTORATION OF JEWISH MONUMENTS, Restoration to Begin in Hania (Crete), article from JHR, vol I: 1
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Book from Amazon.comJewish Sites and Synagogues of Greece by Nicholas Stavroulakis

Etz Hayyim
     Etz Hayyim is the only surviving Jewish monument on the island of Crete.

Jewish Community of Thessaloniki

Jewish Museum of Greece
    The Jewish Museum of Greece was founded with the aim of collecting, studying, preserving and exhibiting the artifacts which reflect the life, customs, rites and traditions of Greek Judaism. Today, the collection includes more than 7,000 objects of rare art. This unique, historically important collection is continuously enriched and updated. The museum, which is equipped with a rich library and a photographic archive, has significantly contributed to the study and preservation of Jewish history in Greece. It is collaborating with Greek and foreign institutions and organizations, and it records and photographs Jewish monuments, synagogues, cemeteries etc., which are slowly disappearing over time.  The museum also contributes towards the organization of specialized studies on the life of Sephardic Jews, the collection and recording of Romaniote musical themes etc. The museum receives yearly, approximately 12,000 visitors from Greece and abroad. Its goal is to point-out to its visitors, regardless of their religion, the common roots of Jews and Christians.

Kal Shalom
     The Kahal Shalom is the oldest synagogue in Greece, and the sole remaining Jewish synagogue on
Rhodes used for services.

Kol haKehila
    The Newsletter of the Jewish Monuments in Greece, edited by Elias Messinas.
This publication presents the most detailed and wide-ranging news and analysis concerning all types of Jewish monuments in Greece - synagogues, cemeteries, and holocaust monuments.

Preserving Jewish Heritage in Greece, by Elias Messinas
     From Archaeology Magazine:  Historical study of Greek Synagogues aiming to preserve Greece's Jewish architecture.

Rhodes Jewish Museum
     The website provides visitors with information regarding the historical exhibition which is located in the rooms formerly used as the women's prayer rooms at the "Kahal Shalom" synagogue. In addition, this web site will inform visitors of other interesting subjects which are unique to the history of the Jews of Rhodes.

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