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Remembering Pinchus Krémègne (28 July 1890 – 5 April 1981)


Happy Birthday Henry Hohauser, Miami Art Deco Master (b. May 27, 1895)

New Exhibit in Leeds Highlights Mitzi Solomon Cunliffe (1918-2006)

Happy Birthday Richard Neutra (April 8, 1892 – April 16, 1970)!

Poland: Krakow's Beit Midrash Hevra Tehilim. How Should The Wall Paintings Be Presented?

Lithuania: Observations on the Vilna Gaon Statue and other Monuments

Belarus: Jewish Traces in Chaim Soutine's Home Town of Smilovichi

Lithuania: Vilnius's Choral Synagogue

Russia: Center for Jewish Art Releases Report on Synagogues and Judiaca in Siberia

USA: Modern Orthodox / Orthodox Modernism II: Kesher Israel, Harrisburg, PA

Lithuania: Uzupis Jewish Cemetery in Vilnius No Longer Forgotten

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Past projects organized or supported by ISJM include:


Survey of English Judaica, combined projects of Sharman Kadish, Evelyn Friedlander and Eva Frojmovic in conjunction with the Hidden Legacy Foundation, the Working Party for Jewish Monuments and Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Leeds.

Photographic Documentation of the Synagogues of South New Jersey by Mark Olsen (StocktonCollege)

Architectural Surveys of the Synagogues of the Catskills, NY by Maurie Sacks (MontclairState College)

Research in Jodensavanne, Suriname by Rachel Frankel

Restoration of Ashkenazi Cemetery, Suriname

Documentation of Synagogues in Afghanistan by Annette Ittig

Synagogues of Greece: History and Architecture by Elias Messinas

Greek Architect Elias Messinas continues his research and documentation of the  synagogues of Greece as part of his doctoral work at the National Technical University in Athens. Messinas, who now lives in Israel, has been visiting, describing and photographing Greek synagogues since 1993.  He is expanding his research through the consultation of historical and archival documentation in Greece and Israel.  Through the generosity of the Mitrani Family Foundation, ISJM awarded a $5,000 grant to assist Mr. Messinas's work. 

Jewish Cemetery Research in France by Isabelle Meidinger

In an effort to determine how the French have administered over their cemeteries, ISJM has awarded a grant  to Isabelle Meidinger, a French doctoral student, to allow her to travel to many Jewish cemeteries in France. Because of the peculiarities of French burial laws, in conjunction with the necessities of Halakhic laws, Jewish cemeteries in France have had an erratic history. In some instances, a Jewish community had control over its cemeteries and burial plots. In others, Jews had no voice whatsoever. Ms. Meidinger's research attempts to discern any patterns underlying these policies.

Documentation of Kerepesi Jewish Cemetery, Budapest by Charles Hebbert

Budapest's Kerepesi Jewish Cemetery contains the graves of scores of notable Hungarian Jews, including that of the renowned Jewish-Hungarian poet Jozsef Kiss. It also contains at least nine mausolea designed by celebrated architect Bela Lajta (Leitersdorfer) (1873 -1920), including several large sculptural monuments in black marble. Lajta also designed the cemetery entrance gate and the pre-burial hall.

Recognizing that this cemetery has never been adequately documented, or even significantly photographed, ISJM provided funds to initiate a project in conjunction with photogrpaher Charles Hebbert. 


Virtually Jewish: Reinventing Jewish Culture in Europe; A research and publication project of Ruth Ellen Gruber

Democracy in Development: A Reconnaissance of Monuments Protection Law and Cultural Diversity in Poland, The Czech Republic, and Slovakia by Phyllis Myers

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