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Historical NameAgudath Achim Anshe Woodbine

Year Built1896
Building TypeSynagogue

Address612 Washington Avenue

Current NameWoodbine Brotherhood Synagogue

Name of Builder 1colonistsBuilder

Name of Builder 2

Name of Builder 3

ListingNRHP, 9/17/80

National Historic Landmark

New Jersey Historic Register, 4/15/78

DescriptionThis free standing one story soft red brick building with balcony and simple gable roof has the

primary entrance located at the rear of the building which is flanked by twin exterioir stairs.



SignificanceIn 1903 Woodbine was incorporated as an all Jewish town with the synagogue as principle

building. It was built with colonists themselves providing all the labor. Woodbine was

considered the center for East European Jewish immigrants and promoted Jewish farming in

America. The Jewish agricultural society still exists and helps support Israeli farming


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