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Historical NameIsaiah Israel Congregation

Year Built1925
Building TypeSynagogue

Address1100 East Hyde Park Blvd.

Current Namechurch

Name of Builder 1AlfredAlschuler

Name of Builder 2

Name of Builder 3

ListingHyde Park Kenwood Historic District

Chicago Landmark, 1977

DescriptionLarge Romanesque/Byzantine brick building with dome with flat tiles of color and a tall

tower resembling a minaret.


BibliographyAlschuler, A.S., 1924. "Isaiah Temple, Chicago," The American Architect & The Architectural

Review, CXXVI (Dec. 31, 1924), 623-626.

Lane, George, A., 1981. Chicago Churches and Synagogues: An Architectural Pilgrimage. Loyola

University Press, Chicago.


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